No7 Gift Set

I treated myself. With the sales after Christmas, I treated myself to the No7 Gift set that had over £100 worth of products in it for £39.  To me, £39 was still a lot I had to really think about whether it was worth it or not. But it is, really, I was just hesitant.  It did not disappoint. It is amazing. The quality of the products is that amazing that a little bit goes a long way.  My favourite product has got to be the Lip care cream, a tiny dot on my finger moisturises my lips for the whole day and keeps them soft. The eye cream is so soft and nourishing and takes away any puffiness that I have.   The day and night cream is so luxurious it is amazing.  After using them my skin feels so soft and looks even. It makes me look like I have had 100 hours of sleep.
The skin illuminator is a liquid highlight. It can be used mixed in with your foundation as an added glow. It can be used as a base to give an extra glow to your skin. Or like I said it works as a great highlight.
The makeup r…

Pencil vs Powder

This is a war between Pencil and Powder. Which is better when it comes to eyebrows? 
For many of years I have been using powder to fill and shape my eyebrows after one bad experience with a pencil. It was way too dark and went on in thick streaks and it just wasn't what I wanted. Until boxing day, after I sorted all my presents out I saw that I got an eyebrow pencil in my Ted Baker makeup set from my mom. The shade of it is so close to the colour of my hair that I took the risk and dived in. And it did not disappoint, it helped to shape my brows perfectly and helped them to look almost natural. It looks so good that I haven't reached for the powder since. 
I used to love using the brow powder my Make Up Obsession at Boots but the colour always seemed too dark to me and I couldn't find a lighter one other than the one that I have got. It made my brows stick out without looking natural. I used to use the Real Techniques brow brush and it helped my brows look natural. I defi…

How to Budget

Hello Lovlies,

Now I know with the new year here everyone setes themselves goals and resolutions. Most of them are light hearted fun things like see friends more or spend less time online. But for those resolutions that will cost money you need to know how to budget depending on what you're monthly income and expenses are. Here is how I am going to budget myself for the new year.

I like to pay everything at the end of the month but get paid weekly so what I do is total up how much my bills come to and divide it by 4, then I make sure I save that much every week to have the total at the end of the month. If the number is uneven or has pennies and isn't a whole number than I round it up to the nearest whole. For instance, if I needed to save £66.50 a week than I would round it up to £67 if I didn't do many hours in the week. Or if I got paid a decent amount I would round it up to £70. It just means that week by week I'm saving a little extra, and the pennies add up so af…

Second Anniversary

How lucky am I sometimes?!

I don't have the best job and I don't have a lot of money and I don't know where I am going to be in 2 years time. But I am lucky when it comes to the man I have chosen to spend my life with. We may not be engaged but I'm promised that the time will come and it will be perfect and I know it will be. But I am treated like an actual princess.

On the 30th of December Ant and I have been together for two years. To celebrate I was a terrible Girlfriend and I got a photo he loves of us framed as that was what he had wanted and I got a book made with all our photos from the past year to remind him of all the great times we have shared. I got the photobook from Free Prints Photobooks. This incredible app allows you to create a book filled with as many photos as you like. You can get a free 7x5 soft cover book with a small delivery charge. You get 20 pages free and any more after that is another small fee. But honestly, I think it is amazing.  So tha…

What I got for Christmas!

Hey everyone,

I am in no way bragging about what I got for Christmas because I would never do that. I am purely just showing how amazing my family are and how much of a lucky girl I am.

On Christmas day, I went to my moms to wish her a happy Christmas and to give her, her gifts and everyone in my family.

From my mom, I got a Ted Baker Gift set with makeup and brushes in. I got a set of pyjamas and a nightie which are absolutely adorable. I got a handmade Jewellery box which is so beautiful. I got a pair of Ted Baker earrings and a Necklace which has Ted Baker written on it.  I got a bag of Heros, Nom. A beautiful Pandora Ring which went straight on my finger. I got a Babyliss Curling iron which I am beyond grateful for because I really needed one. I got a pair of Nike Trainers that are gorgeous. I got a Ted Baker bag, but I don't know what to use it for just yet. I know of want to keep it to look at it. I also got two penguin piggy banks which will come in very useful when it com…

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year     
2017 for me was a year of good and bad times, Good and bad decisions and a struggle for most of the year. I have faced a lot of demons, made decisions that I probably shouldn't have but somehow it worked out for me. And other decisions that have given me potential beyond my belief. 
I started this blog and I have no idea if it will help me, or if anyone likes it but it is a place for me to get my excitement of everything I love out and into the world to someone who could possibly care. And I love doing it, 
I hope that this New Year brings everyone so much joy and happiness. I hope it brings health and support in every way that is needed. I hope it brings love and compassion from others. And I hope it brings new friends and love into your life.  Let this year be the year to go for it, don't let anything stand in your way. If you feel it is right in your gut then just go for it. Sometimes you could regret it if you don't. Don't let some of the things…

Merry Christmas

Blogmas Day 25
Hey guys,
May your day be filled with love and joy and happiness.
May your bellies be full of delicious food.
May the smiles never leave your faces and you can make all your families and friends happy.
May you have a day that you deserve.
May it be merry and bright.
May you get all you wanted and needed and you cherish every little thing.
May you appreciate everything that has made the day special. May the day drag so you can celebrate for hours.
May your day be filled with Pure happiness.
Wishing you all the love and happiness today and through the festive period.
Merry Christmas from the both of us!!

Love you all!!
Thank you x